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Make us your trusted commodity advisor

Unrivalled commodity experience to produce alpha for our clients

Accessing years of relevant experience we act as the gateway to successfully re-define your business. Our objective is to help you navigate the disruptive technological forces and enhance your business prospects.  Understanding the commodity markets inside out we create strategic advantages for our clients. Our mission is to build partnerships to evaluate commodity risk and thereby transform uncertainty into opportunity.

Systematic analysis of your commodity operations driven by an in-depth review of your business plans. Our priority is to improve efficiency and business performance throughout your organization. Our depth of knowledge, analytical insights, and connectivity across the industry are the pillars that our clients rely and depend on to make key business decisions.

We offer a full range of specialized services to help our clients address processes, resource management, commercial optimisation, strategic planning, and implementation of transformational ideas. Our boutique operation allows the delivery of a highly bespoke package as partners with our clients.

Strategy & Practice

Define your strategy map in partnership with practitioners drawing on decades of industry exposure harnessing high quality research and robust analytical discipline.

  • Business plan preparation
  • Target Operating Model analysis
  • Trading platform design
  • Business expansion
  • Organisational structure & roles analysis
  • Core business drivers evaluation
  • Benchmarking vs industry norms
  • Review of sales & trading platform
  • Growth opportunities
  • Hedge execution
  • Behavourial and cultural training

Commercial Optimisation

Discover tools to align core products & services for operational excellence capturing your unique expertise and market position to deliver value to your clients.

  • Business resizing and augmentation
  • Business rationalisation
  • Portfolio management
  • Balance sheet and financing strategy
  • Cash & liquidity management
  • Facilitation of commercial negotiations
  • Credit risk modelling
  • Hedge strategy assessment & risk appetite definition
  • Post transaction services
  • Physical asset optimisation
  • Supply chain assessment

Resource Planning & Management

Effective management comprises the acquisition and deployment of your internal & external resources. We use our knowledge and network to turn this finite set of assets into an infinite set of opportunities.

  • CTRM vendor software appraisal
  • Capital structure analysis and review
  • Disaster recovery policy
  • Scenario analysis
  • Internal trading room controls
  • Human resource development plans
  • Education and training


Our journey has taken us through every conceivable situation a trading operation could experience. This is the source of our confidence to design operational excellence. We commit to identify, change, and create value in your processes to ensure maximum efficiency over the long term.

  • System architecture review
  • Compliance & regulation monitoring, framework, & training
  • Behaviourial & cultural performance management & measurement
  • Integration of trading, financing, and accounting systems
  • Portfolio valuation
  • Trading portfolio migrations and integrations
  • Management information reporting suite
  • Defining risk limit structures
  • Dispute resolution
  • Trading tools evaluation & specification
  • Transfer pricing

Transformational Ideas

Challenge conventional ideas to open gateways to new opportunities. Change expectations, change perceptions, and change motivations in the pursuit of your goals.

  • Impact of disruptive technologies
  • Harnessing Big Data
  • Acquisition/Divestment intermediation
  • Modelling market behaviour
  • Implementation of trading systems
  • CTRM system design
  • New markets
  • Change management & supervision

Speak to us and use our experience and network to discover how we can help your commodities business